Lessons rates

Prices per person at the start of the season. A season consists of 36 teaching weeks.

If you start later in the season, you will of course only pay for the lessons that are still to follow.

Do you have questions or other wishes regarding the duration of the lesson or group composition?

Feel free to contact me and inquire about the possibilities.

If 21 years and older – additional 21% VAT.

Lewenborg rates

Lessons prices at Het Dok Lewnborg are are negotiable.

– Mob: 06 82374029

– Email: igorcreativist@icloud.com

– Tel: ‬050-5446888

– Email: info@wijkcentrumhetdok.nl

– https://wijkcentrumhetdok.nl/

Individual lessons

Band lessons:

Playing together with the rhythm section instruments.

(Piano, Bass, Guitar, Drums & Singers)


Other lessons

Muziek lessons in Groningen

Igor Demydczuk has been teaching in Rietdiep. Lessons on:

  • Piano/keyboard
  • Drums

Besides the music lessons students also participate in musical performances and culture events, such as Riet diep POP, an anual Wijk festival bringing amazing athmosphere, musical acts along with a grea experiance of the music culture. https://www.reitdieppop.nl/

Muziek lessons in Lewenborg

Igor Demydczuk has been teaching at the Wijkcenter Het Dok in Lewenborg since 2013. Lessons on:

  • Piano/keyboard
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Singing
  • Band coatching

Along with the music lessons, students also participate in culture events by Het DOK wijkcentrum. Join the music and culture comunity in Lewenborg and see for yourself what music has to offer for you.

‘Muziek lessons in Ten Boer

Music lessons are taking place in my music studio. Students are having lessons on:

  • Piano/keyboard
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Singing
  • and Band group lessons

During the lessons season, students have opportunity to perform and make their  presentation on verious music & culture anual festivals in Ten Boer, such as‘Lutjefest’ on July, “Fivelfestival’ anual Music Workshops day, on January. Students and family bands experience the musical day, working with different forms of music, such as playing in the band as a rhythm section instruments (Drums, Guiter & Piano) with singers, creating a songs, recording and mixing music compositions, then presenting the songs and musical compositions with life presentation and performance on stage. 

Muziek lessons in Groningen at the Interational Primary School GVS.

Musik lessons in the class: 

  • Making/composing music
  • Piano/Drums/Guitar/Percuss.
  • Playing music in the group

Learning about music by doing it in the real live. Playing songs, learning the forms of music, theory, about instruments, live recording and performing in the school events and festivals.

Igor Demydczuk

Creative-Activists Music Studio:

Kievitstraat 6b-1
9791 ER, Ten Boer

T: 06-82374029
E: igorcreativist@icloud.com 


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