Recording & Mixing

Recording music.

Live Recording @ Concert

Life Recording @ Studio

Tracks Recording @ Studio

Live recording, outside settings, concert setting, or in the music studio environment. Some well known ways of recording wildly used in the years of 50’s, 60’s & later times of 70’s, 80’s & 90’s until no, when the home studio became popular in the music industry…

Mixing music.

Mixing music is a part of the music which for musician is most technical. personally I know most of the genuine mixing techniques, but I usually leave the technical final mixing to the professional mixing studios. They know exactly which mixing standards to follow and are most suitable for the musical piece. 


To the needs of what I am teaching I concentrate on the possibilities the home studio supplies with. There are some genuine basic Mixing techniques.


Sound Studio

Audio techniques for Radio, Television, Film and Recording


for the Small Recording Studio

Mix Automation

for the Small Recording Studio