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Playing Techniques

Playing by Ears & Notation  

Harmony – Chords & Piano Voicing


Music Styles & Interpretation 

Accompaniment singers & playing in the band

Music is the Language.

Why do we like to experiance the music? How does it feel? What is music? There are so many apstract definition about the music. Yet the only way to understand the music is to actually experiance it by yourself. And not just to listen to it…that is something else. What i mean is to actually play it yourself. Music allows us to express ourselves beyond the frame of words and sentences. It allow to freely transform our feeling and communicate on higher emotional level. In the way it is a language, but instead of using the words and senences, we use the harmonic wave forms as tones and sounds

Why is ti signifficant to play an instrument or sing?

This presentations on TAD Talks describe the effect how strongly the music changes a child brain, and questions what if every child had access to music education from birth?   And this is not a new discovery. This was well known fact already in the ancient times of the education, where among the main subjects, music was well included…




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