How Do I Teach?

Music Composition

Making music in the studio environment. Learning the technique of


Music Arrangement,


Music Forms 



& Publishing.


How to compose / techniques

This is about the technique of composing… Life interaction between the musicians or in close environment writing or making a simple recording…

How to arrange the music...

This is about to building your composition, based on standards music styles and their forms.. For ex. ABAAB.. songs form. A=vers, B= refrein..


Harmonising,music forms & styles

This part of the composition lessons is about the music styles and genres, such as typical Jazz Standard, POP, Rock, Ballad etc.. This is about the significant music signature between this styles..

Recording & Mixing music

This lessons are about the recording techniques. It could be used in the live recording outside settings, concert setting or in the music studio environment. Learning about the well known ways of recording wildly used in the years of 50’s, 60’s & later times of 70’s, 80’s & 90’s until no, when the home studio became popular in the music industry…

Producing your own music

How to produce the music from the beginning till the end….

Commercial aspect of music business.

This focused especially on the protecting music writes. learning about the ways to present your music, advertise & sell your compositions…

About the composition lessons.

This subject I have been teaching since 2010.

To be able to give a proper education I need first to gain an experience on this subject. Since the music home studios became popular, many musicians became their own producers and experts on producing the music. Some of us started their own label, some signed a contracts with the labeled companies.

Let’s Compose the music

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