– Writing & composition

– Arrangement & orchestration

– Recordion & mixing

– Music in Busines 


Composing & writing techniques

  • Where to find the inspiration?
  • How do you start with creating the music?

Arranging & Orchestrating Music

  • Melody Harmonization
  • Horn Section
  • Strings Section
  • Rhythm Secction
  • Orchestration
  • Forms & Styles 

Recording & Mixing music.

  • Live Recording @ Concert
  • Life Recording @ Studio
  • Tracks Recording @ Studio
  • Mixing techniques

Producing your own music.

Being music producer requires vast music knowlege in all its aspects as much as knowing the maket and business part of music…

Commercial aspect of music business.

What is music business?

  • -Why is it important to have superb Electronic Press Kit (EPK), or/and promo packagesocial media, social network, making a good demo ?
  • How the record royalties are computed?
  • What is a copyright?
  • How music publishing works?
  • You don’t have to register in sena music royalties, Buma Stemra, or any other music rights company to get your copyrights?

How to Write a Song

by Chris Evans

Song Arrangement

Arrangement Tips 

Arranging music

by Bill Dobbins

Sound Studio

Audio techniques for Radio, Television, Film and Recording


for the Small Recording Studio

Mix Automation

for the Small Recording Studio

The Study of Orchestration

by Samuel Adler

Produsing Theory

The Intersection of Audiences and Production