Making Music, Composing, Recording and Producing  your own Record




Music Making techniques ,

Recording & Mixing,

Producing & Commercial aspects of music business.

How to Write a Song

by Chris Evans

Easy Piano for Songwriters and Producers

by Eric J.Cambell

Arranging music

by Bill Dobbins

The Study of Orchestration

by Samuel Adler


Composing and writing techniques

Where is the inspiration coming from?

What tipe of the music would youlike to write?

Are you a Singer songwriter?

Music composer?

Do you like to compose music with the Band? 

Do you like to composing in the studio enviroment, home studio, out door…?

This is about the technique of composing… Life interaction between the musicians or in close environment writing or making a simple recording…

Arranging Music

This is about to building your composition, based on standards music styles and their forms.. For ex. ABAAB.. songs form. A=vers, B= refrein..

Harmonising, music forms & styles.

This part of the composition lessons is about the music styles and genres, such as typical Jazz Standard, POP, Rock, Ballad etc.. This is about the significant music signature between this styles..

Recording & Mixing music.

Live Recording @ Concert

Life Recording @ Studio

Tracks Recording @ Studio

Mixing techniques

Live recording, outside settings, concert setting, or in the music studio environment. Some well known ways of recording wildly used in the years of 50’s, 60’s & later times of 70’s, 80’s & 90’s until no, when the home studio became popular in the music industry…

Producing your own music.

Being music producer requires vast music knowlege in all its aspects as much as knowing the maket and business part of music…

How to produce your music. The very first think we have to ask ourself it the ourselves of purpose. We ned=ed to know the market we target with our product. For ex, if we would like to have our song being played on the Radio, we need a special mix “radio play mix”, or if we want to make a commercial song “jingle” for the advertising, we need to tag the frequencies of the TV, so we need a different mix. This gives you an idea about the other aspects of producing. If the music is to be played in Europe, America, or in the school radio, or the clubs & pubs… the age group, etc it all plays a part of how you need to approach the market with your product. This is you direction of the producing your music…

Commercial aspect of music business.

Here we will discuss the common approaches to the music business. Things like Electronic Press Kit (EPK), or/and promo package, social media, social network etc, play essential roll in your presentation and sharing your music products.

Chasing your music. demo Also very important part of it is to protect your product and copy right. We are going to tag this aspects and discover the best ways to present your music, advertise & share sell.

About the composition lessons.

Since the home studio recording became real…

 the new generation of the music producers begun to create independently …..

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