‘Creativists’ – Creative Activists

Who are the Creativists?

 It's a family musical trio, formed by father and sons. Igor play piano, Tristan (15) drums/Sing and Boris (10) guitar/sing.

Igor (father) is a professional pianist. He gained high education in Poland, USA and the Netherlands. He is a very experience and successful musician, has played in various professional band and projects. H e likes to mix different genres and music styles, coming up with unique combination and personal ways of expressing music. He is also a professional and very devoted Piano teacher and educator.

Tristan (15 y), is an experienced young professional drummer and singer. He has participated in many projects and bands around Groningen, such as 'Music4All', Musical group 'Kick' and Pop band 'Meerkats'. At the age of 12 he also became en music educator and started to give drum lessons. He has been following lessons by Elmer Bergstra, at Music school "Vrijdag" in Groningen.

Boris (10,5 y), already is a successful musician. Already at the beginning of his music education, he presented quite amazing abilities and musical talents. He loves to play wide varieties of the musical genres, from hard rock 'Deep Purple', 'Stevie Ray Vaughn' to Jazz & Latin music 'Antonio Jobim', 'Carlos Santana'. He has been following guitar lessons by Marcos Moraguez at Music School Vrijdag in Groningen.

    We are the 'Activists' promoting music culture, creating music community of music lovers, sharing positive vibes & energy, and joy the music brings... . With love & piece.

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