About the music workshops..

Music is a vibration of emotions…

Emotion as Energy in Motion has the signature pattern as vibration. Vibrations create in the structure of sounds. Sounds forms the harmony. Harmony become music. Music is a communication of the energies in emotion. 

By transferring your emotion to the music, you become in tuned with your own feelings & in tuned with everything in your surrounding. Everything’s has a vibrant signature which interacts with each other and us. That is why we feel relaxed in the nature because Nature vibrates naturally. When we tun into the signature of nature which it rises our frequencies. Crystals, water, sun, trees and grass….animals and people of course everything effects us instaintly ….  Also all the other material things such cars, buildings, sidewalk etc, do the same.

Our vibrations are constantly changing in the respond to the outside world, and also to our inner body vibes. How we think, what do we eat or listen to, our sleep, daily lives… all has a profound effect on our emotions.

And as much as we can be effected by outside vibrations, as much our vibration effects everything around us. Just like in the physics, action brings reaction from the both sides

How your emotions vibrate in terms of its frequency, (rather it is positive high frequency, or negative low frequency), this attracts, interacts and creates our on reality and effects the reality of the others. And how strange it might sound, it does effect our percent, create our future and also changes our past.

Music is a language of love in its endless shapes and shades.

Group coaching workshop

Provides group workshops – 

  Creative activities, brainstorming ideas, tasks exercises & performances. 

  Improving the atmosphere, relationships and communication skills in the work places. 

  Boosts of motivation and enthusiasm.

  • Companies
  • Schools & Culture Centers
  • Individuals

Creative Workshops

It is a creative development by engaging custom made creative activities, brainstorming ideas, tasks, exercises & performances. 

– The goal is to increase productivities, improve public relations, communications, skills in etc. Boosts motivation and enthusiasm.

– Everybody possess creative skills and talents. Inspiring it effects all area of life.

  • Companies
  • Schools & Culture Centers
  • Individuals

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