5 Tips For Maintaining A Thriving Songwriting Practice

You may not realize this if you’re a developing artist, but you have a unique songwriting practice. This includes everything: from your approach to writing lyrics to how you come up with riffs, beats, melodies, and song structures. It’s individual to you, and looks different for each songwriter. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your time creating, whether you’re new to music-making or a seasoned writer:

5 Lyric Writing Tips For New Songwriters

Het sloopbedrijf stond in figuurlijke zin al klaar om de oude school aan de Kievitstraat in Ten Boer met de grond gelijk te maken, maar verschillende partijen wisten dit te voorkomen, omdat ze potentie zagen in het pand. Zaterdag vond in het gebouw de eerste editie van het Fivelfest plaats. En dat smaakt naar meer.

“Het is een ontzettend leuke dag geworden”, vertelt Igor Demydzuck van muziekschool Igor Creativist. “In de ochtend gingen de deuren open waarna we verschillende workshops hebben aangeboden. Aan het eind van de dag vond er een presentatie plaats waarbij kinderen aan het publiek, dat bestond uit ouders en familieleden, konden laten zien wat ze geleerd en gemaakt hadden. Het was echt heel fijn, het was een heel mooi evenement, dat naar meer smaakt.”

3 Songwriting Partnership Lessons From Lennon and McCartney

Arguably the most prolific pop songwriting duo of the 20th century, John Lennon and Paul McCartney crafted some of the best known and most beloved tracks of all time as the major powerhouses behind the Beatles. Although each would go onto have successful solo careers — McCartney with Wings in the ‘70s and largely by himself thereafter and Lennon, along with wife Yoko Ono, helming politically charged outfits during his tragically short post-Beatles career — many insist they were never as good apart as they were together.

When boiled down to the basic status of “co-writers,” however, Lennon and McCartney aren’t so different from you and your writing partners. They dealt with many similar issues that, hopefully, won’t crop up too often in your own career, including copyright disputes, claims over who wrote what, and the public deifying one half over the other. It’s indisputable, however, that their combined power created a musical benchmark few other have risen to.

Although there are many, many lessons to learn from Lennon and McCartney’s songwriting partnership, here are three key takeaways that will get you and your present and future co-writers on the right track to crafting musical masterpieces.

Nothing will stop you being creative so effectively, as a fear of making a mistake.

Creativity is not a talent. It is the way of operate, an ability to play.

To play is experiment… What happens if I do this…? What would happened if we do that…? What if… 

A very essence of playfulness  is an openness to anything that may happened. The feeling that whatever happens it’s okey. 

So you cannot be playful, if you frightened that moving in some direction will be wrong… Something you shouldn’t have done!!!

When you either free to play, or you’re not.

So the best way to get a confidence to do that is to know that while you being creative nothing is wrong.


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