Igor S. Demydczuk

Igor S. Demydczuk

Pianist, Docent, Composer


From the early days I had received a proper education in Liceum of Music in Koszalin, my hometown in Poland. That was the most important period of my music journey. I followed intense music program, where I have developed the respect and appreciation for music knowlege and artistic nature of it. Here I have discovered the technical and emotional aspects of music.  After the high-school, I pursued the music education in one of the most prestigious music schools in the world, Academy im K. Szymanowski in Katowice, Poland, There I spent my best educative  years, learning from amazing teachers and students. Here I started to recognise the other quite fascinating aspects of music, particularly the Modern Music such as Jazz. This took my soul. I developed pedestrian hunger for this knowledge and I knew I have to do somewthing about this. So I decided to moved to the United States of America, where I could learn from the source where the “swing” came from. I continued my jurney with Modern Jazz and other styles, like blues, Rap, Country music, Reggae, Pop and Rock … all the styles this rich music industry could have offer. I was blessed to perform with some amazing artists as Larry Coriel, Eric Marienthal. I was truly  absorbed by music.

After 7 years, I decited to moved back to Europe. I landed in the Netherlands. Its free lifestyle and relaxed athmosphere was very atractive for me. I was able to continue my music education in Prinse Klaus Conservatoire and University of Applied Sciences in Groningen where I received my Master degree in music, worked with amazing teachers. Here I also started my teaching practics which I am still doing till this days.

My very first teacher told me..

“I am not teach how to play music. I am to teach how YOU can teach yourself to play music”.

I believe this was my tru inspiration, inspiring me for the further education. 

My music teachers & educators who  influenced and inspired me and my work: Zygmunt Wybraniec, Joachim Pichura, Bill Dobbins, Marc van Roon and Jasper Soffers.



It is absolutelly fascinating to live the lives in different countries and have the opportunities to inriched your knowlege by experiancing different cultures and traditions. Educate and work as a musician. I have been able to recognize the music aspects from different points of view. The different orygins and ethnicity of the music culters made a profound effect on my orientation in the music and its forms  For example the importance of the instrument technique and sound of East European old school, modern styles and improvisation in the U.S.A music approach, efficiency and business part of the Dutch music industry, or finally the importance of music and its part of the every day life in Africa;s traditions. That became my background to mye music performing and teaching. Influances my personality and my ways of living. This was the very source where I get my inspirations for creating, performing and teaching my music. This is where i am finding the unique combination of the music forms.

The cultures which influanced my music:

  • East-Europa – practice routines and methods, general knowledge of the music forms. Instrument sound & technicue. Music analises, styles & interpretation.
  • United States – approach to the music and improvisation based on the american history (mixture of the African culture and European folk music). Laid back feel, swing feel, Up-beat vs Down beat. Extended Harmony 9Duke Ellington and Igor Stravinky), voicing & arrangement.
  • And Africa – integration with music culture. Music in the life-style. Exotic rhythms patterns or pure music traditions.
  • West Europe – efficiency of the time vs practice, social aspects of the music performance. New Audiences & inovative Practice. Setting the short & long therm goals for progress & development. Music management and business.

By well ballancing this different approaches, I have perfected new ways in music, whic are my guidlines in my music I compose, perform and teach. A unique natural combination which I adopted in my work.

Music is a unique language which doesnt uses the words, but instead communicates thrue Emotions. Energy in motion.