Igor Creativist

Igor Creativist

Docent, Pianist, Composer


Born in Koszalin, Poland. From the early days I had received a proper education in Liceum of Music hometown. Followed intense music program along with the Liceum subject for 6 years. In this period I attended many national competitions and exchange programs between neighbouring countries, Germany and Czechoslovakia. .  

After graduated from music high-school, I pursued the music education in one of the most prestigious Music Academy in the world. Academy im K. Szymanowski in Katowice, Poland. There I had been educated in classical music as well as I started to develop interest in Jazz and modern music. In this period I decided to move to the Rochester NY, USA, where I could expend my interest in Jazz and Modern music.  I continued my education. I started to regularly perform music on American stages with the local musician and I have been blessed to play with some amazing musicians, such as Larry Coriel and Eric Marienthal. After 7 years I have decided to move back to Europe, too the Netherlands where I continued my music education in Prinse Klaus Conservatoire and University of Groningen.  I finished my degree in Master Of Music and continued to perform in  Europe and Africa, This was quite important for me to gain experience with different countries and exotic cultures, which now I am sharing in my music and with my students..

I want to thank to my music teachers & educators who  influenced and inspired me to take this musical journey: 

Bogdan Adamski, Zygmunt Wybraniec, Joachim Pichura, Bill Dobbins, Marc van Roon and Jasper Soffers.


Absorbing different cultures is what I love to do the most and it is fascinating to witness, to learn different traditions and cultures.  This gave me opportunity to research local music and musicians. To discover the history of the origins. I started to realise how similar the music is and yet how difference it is. Just like to languages, it uses the same sounds and instruments, but produces completely different musical forms and elements which in this combination creates different styles of music. .

Of course this also influence my approach to educating music as a music teacher. Being exposed to different school and education programs I was able to learn music from many different points of view. 

  • East-Europa – practice routines and methods, general knowledge of the music forms. Instrument sound & technicue. Music analises, styles & interpretation.
  • United States – approach to the music and improvisation. Laid back feel, strict timing, swing feel. Harmony, voicing & arrangement.
  • Africa – integration with music culture. Music in the life-style. Exotic rhythms patterns or pure music traditions.
  • And West Europe – sufficiency, social approach. Setting the short & long therm goals for progress & development. Music management and business.

I like to serf between all this methods without any limits and look for a perfect recipe of presenting the music to my students. I am very accepted about it and i find a particular pleasure introducing my students to many different aspects of music, which otherwise I would not be able to do.

One of my favourite teachers told me…

“I am not here to teach music. I am here to teach how YOU can teach the music yourself “. 

I’ve always agreed with this teacher….;)


Album "Sugary"

Jammah Tammah