Igor S. Demydczuk

Igor S. Demydczuk

Docent, Pianist, Composer


I coming from a culture where every event was celebrated with the music.  From the early days I had received a proper education in Liceum of Music in my hometown in Poland. That was the most important period of my music journey. I joined a very intense music program, where I have learned the respect and appreciation for music knowlege and art. Expressing emotions and felling, creating beautiful music lines and phrases became the routine in our every day task.  

After the high-school, I pursued the music education in the Music Academy im K. Szymanowski in Katowice, Poland, MCC in Rochester NY, U.S.A and in Prinse Klaus Conservatoire and University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, the  Netherlands where i received my Master Degree of Music. This was quite an interesting period where along with studying music in different educational systems, I was also able to interact with many students from different parts of the world. I was able to get to know their traditions and cultures. It was a very fruitful learning time. It gave me enough inspiration to continue with my development and my music research.

Music majors which I have been studying: Jazz Piano,  Arrangements, New Audiences & Innovative Practice, Folk-Ethnic music & Accordion.


My music teachers & educators who  influenced me the most: Zygmunt Wybraniec, Joachim Pichura, Bill Dobbins, Marc van Roon and Jasper Soffers.



Absorbing different cultures is what I love to do the most. It is absolutelly fascinating to experiance differen traditions and lifestyles. That influances my personality and my approach to the music. I begun to research about the origins and forms of the music particularly the ethinc & folk music. Which led me to a process of mixing different elements and styles of music. Finding unique combination of the music progressions, melodies, sounds and rhythms.

This  of course had a profound influence on my way of teaching music as well. Being exposed to different school programs and different aproaches to music stydying. I recognized the difference between the study programs which gave me an idea for my way of teaching. Mu pbasic principles are based on:  

  • East-Europa – practice routines and methods, general knowledge of the music forms. Instrument sound & technicue. Music analises, styles & interpretation.
  • United States – approach to the music and improvisation. Laid back feel, strict timing, swing feel. Harmony, voicing & arrangement.
  • Africa – integration with music culture. Music in the life-style. Exotic rhythms patterns or pure music traditions.
  • And West Europe – sufficiency, social approach. Setting the short & long therm goals for progress & development. Music management and business.

The trick is to come up with the perfect combination between this principles to the actual needs of the student. It guarantiese very beneficial results and it offers very unique, personal and and always interesting lesson.

Once my teacher told me..

“I am not teach how to play music. I am to teach how YOU can teach yourself to play music”.


Album "Sugary"

Jammah Tammah