My music interest comes from my musical family background and tradition. I begun my music journey in the Liceum of Music in my hometown in Poland. For many years later, I have continued music eduction in the Music Conservatoire and Academies in Poland, U.S.A and in the Netherlands, where I have received my Master Degree of Music. I have studied in the Majors of; Piano, Arrangements, New Audiences & Innovative Prectice, Accordion.

Music Profesors and Educators from whom I have received my music education and made the biggest influance on my musical knowledge: Zygmunt Wybraniec, Joachim Pichura, Bill Dobbins, Marc van Roon and Jasper Soffers.





Thrutout my life I have been living in many differents cultures, countries and on different continents. Because of that, I was able to experiance many original styles of music. I became fascinated about the origin of folk and etnic music and begun to mix and mingle all this different styles which I have been exposed to. I goal has been to find a unicue ingrediances in combining this styles all together.

This knowlege influanced the ideas of what music actually is for me. I came up woth special methods to intorduce students to the music. 

I believe this is quite significant way how I like to approach students with introdusing them to the music. I like to inject them with the true esence about the music. By this eneble their imagination to experiance and creat their own unique version of music. And to find their oryginality and inspiration.

One o my teacher was telling me this priceless words, which do explain my understanding of the teaching. Istill find it quite right because in this, every one of them is actually their own teacher:

” I am not teaching you, how to play music. I am guyiding you, how YOU can teach yourself, how to play musict”