Sharing my experiance & skills..

Music is the Language.

Why do we like to play an instrument? What is the main goal? Music is a language. Not just the language as we know of, but the language which allows us to express ourselves beyond the frame the normal language offers. No words, no sentences, only emotions transformed into harmonic structures caring your message thru. 

But, why is it important?

In this lecture of TAD Talks, you cas see how “does music change a child brain”. or what if every child had access to music education from birth?  And music does much more…

Being exposed to many cultures and traditions, gave me  an understanding of how many music approaches are out there. Everyone of them is quite unicue on its own, yet all of them are practical and proven to be useful. Studding and practicing thru all of them, gave me the ability to easly manuver and form the best approach for the particular problem music brings. Delivering suitable problem solving methods.

Music represents the culture and tradition, where it has been formed and developed. By this, there is a curtain approach the music has been introduces.

For example;

An East European approach to the music, introduces us to the routine of developed techniques and methods. By the time spend with music we improve our skills and understanding of the music language.

The jazz Ammerican style is yet another way of approaching the music. It comes from the side of oral traditions, where the music was taught directly thrue the instruments, without any academics when the music is defined by music theory, and notation.  This unique approach has been integrated in the improvisation where the musicians listen and respond to each in a form of communication.

The African cultures emfesize tradition where the music has been inseparable part of live. Every event, celebration has the music presence in it. Simplicity, appreciation and humble. This is how the music is described and carried.

Every one of this approaches is motivating and inspiring.  

This way I guarantee the progress being made with the fun the music practice offers. This will motivate the students to explore new teretories of the music and inspire them to become creative.