Music is a language…


is allowing us to interact with each other, without speaking words, or any gestures. It enables us to freely express our emotions (Energy in Motion) and feeling thru melodies and rhythms.

Why is it important to have a musical education and how does it do to our developmant?

In this TADTalks presentations, you cas see how "does music change a child brain". or what if every child had access to music education from birth?. This was a well known fact already in the ancient times, when among the 7 subjects of universities education, the music was one of them. The purpose of the music faculty was tp wprk on the developent of the cognitive ability, problem solving ability to form a new creative paths and other areas of our inteligance requiring the creative thinking. Music education was considered a nessesety for the proper and  development of the students...



What is music and why do we like to experiance the music?  There are so many definition about the music. But the only way to trully understand the music is thru actual experiance it. By experiancing it, I mean by playing an instrument or singing. By douing so, we are enebling the part of our emotions to be fully expresed. In this case it is not done by defining it the frame of words and sentences, but beyond that, by freely transforming our feeling and communicate on higher emotional level. I would like to call that a Musical Language, in which instead of using the words, we send the vibrations formed by harmonic wave forms as tones and sounds and rhythms.

Why is it signifficant to play an instrument and/or creating the music?