Nothing will stop you being creative so effectively, as a fear of making a mistake.

Creativity is not a talent. It is the way of operate, an ability to play.

To play is experiment… What happens if I do this…? What would happened if we do that…? What if… 

A very essence of playfulness  is an openness to anything that may happened. The feeling that whatever happens it’s okey. 

So you cannot be playful, if you frightened that moving in some direction will be wrong… Something you shouldn’t have done!!!

When you either free to play, or you’re not.

So the best way to get a confidence to do that is to know that while you being creative nothing is wrong.

3 Different Songwriting Approaches To Try

If you have been creating music for a while, you may feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with your writing. This could be the case for writers in all stages of their careers. Embracing risk and curiosity in your process can help shift your mindset when it comes to creation. Here are three new approaches to help get you in a groove and out of your creative rut!

How to Write Music For the Rest of Your Life

Think of songwriting like a romantic relationship. When things are going well and ideas come by effortlessly, it feels natural and doesn’t take much work. This is akin to the honeymoon phase of falling in love, when all you want is to be with the person you’ve fallen for. But when things go poorly — songwriter’s block, your album flops — staying the course is much harder to do. This difficult season of music creation is like a long-term relationship. It requires effort and hard work to keep things humming along. It can feel difficult and isn’t instantly rewarding, but putting the work in is worth it.