Igor Demydczuk

Piano Lesson

Also setting up ONLINE LESSONS.

Teaching piano skills by new innovative practise methods, which I have developed by many years of my teaching experience.

Music Composition Lesson

About the Music Composition lessons

Group Workshops

For the companies & small groups.

Custom design workshops and individual coaching. Engaging creative activities, brainstorming ideas, tasks, exercises & performances.

– The goal is to increase productivities, improve public relations, communications, skills and boosts motivation and enthusiasm at the workplaces.

– Everybody possess creative talents. Inspiration effects all the area of life.

What I Do

I like to experiment with music….

looking for a  different combination between the styles, music forms, time periods etc. Moulding  them together usually creates quite an interesting combination, which inspires me further to compose or to come with an innovative method in my music ….

My Projects

Music I have produced


Anne Hoogendoorn – Voice of Holland Finalist

Recorded Arrangement of My Duets


Voice & Piano

Music Arrangements


Let’s make some music

Interested? Call or send me a message:

+31 (0)6 82374029