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Igor Creativist

Igor Creativist

Pianist, Docent, Composer

The only barier to music is the disbelieve of making it.


The only barrier to the music for me was the disbelieve of making it. Living the moment and create the music of moment is the only way to free creativity. By overcoming this barrier I was able to fully tune in to the music and by which ingajing with my full capacity of creation, releasing my full potential of creativity and trully enjoy it. If you can do that, you will understand what the creating of the music actualy means.

I was quite fortunate to lived in  a few countries and to be able to actually first hand experience the traditional music of the people. It has been an opportunity for me to experiance music as it is in this places. Music has a different meaning in different cultures. It can be a ways to celebrat some events, or take a form of a meditation. In some cultures it is a part of their lives, for others just an enteritainment and the escape form it. Differen people, different past and different history. It is constanly changing my view of it and forming different ideas of its meaning.

I was not sure sometimes which approach would fit me the best. Would I rather take music seriously, or just be with it and enjoy its effect on me. I realized that it variets with time I like to open up with the music, absobe it and fit myself to it. Each time I have done that, it was a fascinating new experiance.

As far as my understanding aboiut this sort of experiances is, I am still looking for the new once, new ideas. I find them everywhere every day. Interacting with people however, gives me the most of it. I think music is the form of expressive communication, involving emotion instead of words. It is a higher level of communication which by mastering gives me the understanding of this musical 'language'. It is the language in which the energy becomes in motion, E-motion.  With it I am able to reach out and tune in to some people, who are on the same musical frequency vibration, ommunicate and get whatever message accross.



I grew up with music was exposed thanks to my mother. She self taught musician and she wanted me to receive a proper music education. In the age of 9 i started my education in Music school in my hometown Koszalin, Poland. This was probably the most influential music period in my life. Hours of music education on instrumets, intensive music programs, harmony, analyses, music forms and ensambles. East European music system.

After graduating form Liceum of Music, I continued further with my music education. I was accepted to the one of the most prestigious schools in the world, Music Academy im K. Szymanowski in Katowice, Poland. There I became quite fascinated about Jazz & Modern music.  I decided to moved to the United States of America, to learn how to play Jazz and other styles of modern music culture. I was very fortunate to receive a proper education from well known world wide educators and a great pleasure to perform music with such artists like Larry Coriel and Eric Marienthal.

After about 7 years, I decided to moved back to Europe. I moved to the Netherlands, where I continue my education in Prinse Klaus Conservatoire and in University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. In 2015 I graduated and received the Master of Music degree .

My most influential music teacher besides my motherZygmunt Wybraniec, Joachim Pichura, Bill Dobbins, Marc van Roon and Jasper Soffers.

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