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How to learn to play piano in most fun & playful ways. Learning by ears, notes, etc.

If you can play it, you are not a beginner

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Innovative methods & music material for guiding you thru all modern music styles

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Methods and exercises for improvisation on piano. Piano voicings and harmonisation….


Igor Creativist

Igor Creativist

Pianist, Educator, Composer

The only barrier to music is disbelieve of making it.

What do I do, & why do I do it?

Music brings so much pleasurable to the world that needs to be shared. It is fun, motivates, makes us feel inspired, free and happy. I would like to invite everyone to take part in music, learn how to play instrument, how to form tones & sounds,  melodies & harmonies and take full advantage of what music has to offer.

Join and experience music yourself

&Music in my life

Music gave me an opportunity to experience life from a total different position. I was able to live off grid, away from the usual standards of living for most of the people. Travel and live in different countries experiencing many cultures and witness the value of different traditions.

Being a musician had a profound effect on the the way on my live. From the very early age, I have realized the potential the music offers in self-expression and communication. I have learned the skills of listening and playing music, hot to phrase the melody and articulate it with the rhythm. How to make a harmonic progression to the melody, how to change the moods with the modulations and more of this phenomenal language.

             It is the language of emotion -Energy in motion-

                                    Just try it & you will get this.



Stydying music in different countrys gave me an oportunity to experiance musical education from in a different ways, with different approaches to music using different methods and studying sustems. This gave me a great experiance as a musicain giving me an oportunity to work in many cultures and ethnic groups.

I started me music education in Poland, during the time the country was still under the communistic system. I started with the Classical Music and methods, which came from a long time researchers and carefully crafted music education system build by generations of music scholar. Here I obtained proper technique and knowledge about every aspect of classical music. 

In the pursue of music education, I had moved to USA, where I continued my study of Modern Music & Jazz. It was quite different way of studying in a relation between the student and Docent. Here I had learned the skills improvisation, jazz harmony/piano voicing and other practice routine. I had a pleasure to performing with some well known artists; Larry Coriel and Eric Marienthal, and I gain lots of stage experience..

Back in Europe, in the Netherlands. I became quite interested in World Music. I joined world bands performing traditional African & South American latin music. During this period, I have enrolled in a new faculty in music major the N A I P - ( New Audiences & Innovative Practice). During this period I was able to research my own Ukrainian and Icelandic culture. In 2014, I finalised my thesis about Ethnic & Folk music elements in compare with Jazz and Modern Music. I made my Master presentation at the University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, the Netherlands on February, 2015.

This whole music experience taught me a deep humbleness and respect for music.

       My most influential music teachers: My Mother-Jadwiga Litniowska, Zygmunt Wybraniec, Joachim Pichura, Bill Dobbins, Marc van Roon & Jasper Soffers.

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