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How to learn to play piano in most fun & playful ways. Learning by ears, notes, etc.

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Innovative methods & music material for guiding you thru all modern music styles

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Igor Creativist

Igor Creativist

Pianist, Educator, Composer

The only barrier to music is disbelieve of making it.

Who I am and what I do?

I am Creativist, a creative person and a music activist, promoting music and creating a new generations of music lovers. I like to inspire everybody to take part in music activities and show how wonderful and beneficial playing music is. 

 Music & Culture

I have lived in many countries and different cultures. I was blessed with an opportunity of meeting fascinating people, experience their traditions and finding out what music means to them and their ways of living. It was then, when I was inspired by this musical cultures  and decided to become the music ambassador and devote myself to introduce qualities of music to the western societies.



I've been educated in 3 different countries, reaching the highest music education level. I have learned different ways of approaching music, used different methods and routines. I developed the deep humbleness  and appreciation for cultures and traditional music.  

I began my education in Poland, during the time of communism. I started with the Classical Music and methods, which were formed and improved for generations.. I obtained proper technique and knowledge about every aspect of classical music. 

In the USA, I started to studied Modern Music & Jazz. Naturally this kind of music style has a complete different approach. I had learned the skills improvisation, jazz harmony and piano voicing. Different practice routine and looking at the music.. It was also a period with lots of gigs and performances in witch I had a pleasure to performing with some well known artists; Larry Coriel and Eric Marienthal.

Back to Europe, in the Netherlands. It was a very interesting educational time period for me. I enjoyed playing with traditional and folk and latin bands from Africa & South America. Also I enrolled  for brand new music major study NAIP ( New Audiences & Innovative Practice). During this period I was able to explore & experienced many exotic cultures. In 2014, I did a research and I wrote thesis about Ethnic & Folk music elements in compare with Jazz and Modern Music. I presented this work in the final Master presentation at the University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, The Netherlands on February, 2015.

My most influential music teacher: My Mother, Zygmunt Wybraniec, Joachim Pichura, Bill Dobbins, Marc van Roon and Jasper Soffers.

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